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Та шевельнулась и открыла. - Ты проспала почти два часа. Тебя ждут в административном центре.

News bastard's gay sex secret Bastille Day terrorist used dating apps to meet MEN with his phone filled with photos of love conquests Police probe Mohamed Bouhlel's phone, discovering evidence of trysts with other men and plans for the massacre18 Jul Updated:31 Mar THE Bastille Day murderer used his phone to pursue male love interests with his phone full of photos of his conquests and selfies.

The inner workings of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel's mind has been exposed as investigators trawl through his phone which discovered in the truck he used to kill more than 80 people who were celebrating Bastille Day in Nice.

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Seven individuals have now been arrested on suspicion of being involved in Bouhlel's plot that killed 84 people, including 10 children, and left hundreds wounded. French media outlet BFM TV revealed the terrorist's phone has been key to police investigations, with Bouhlel visiting a number violent sites, including those with images of executions, before the massacre.

But a number of selfies have been found on the terrorist's phone, as well as photos of his male and female conquests.

h dating uk

Police have also uncovered evidence that Bouhlel, who is understood to have been radicalised in a short period of time, would record evidence of his relationships with other people, however brief. Family friends and neighbours have previously revealed the Tunisian-born man enjoyed wearing flowery shorts and tank tops to show off his muscles.

h dating uk

The year-old was also said to have enjoyed salsa dancing with his family insisting he was not religious, often getting drunk and taking drugs. A selfie of the terrorist sitting inside the truck he used to carry out the massacre was even found on the phone.

One of the recipients of the text message, which read: h dating uk more weapons" is already in police custody.

h dating uk

Another text read: "It's good. I have the equipment.

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He said: "He did not go h dating uk the mosque, he did not pray, he did not observe Ramadan. This is all forbidden under Islam.

h dating uk

He beat his wife, my cousin, he was a nasty piece of work. The devastating stories of those killed in the attack have come to light in the days after the attack, including those who lost their entire direct family in the attack. More than police are involved in the investigation of the attack, which ISIS has claimed responsibility for. France has now increased its security across the country with world leaders condemning the attack.

С трудом выговорила Наи. Николь протянула ей обе руки, но Наи отклонила объятия. - Я старалась как могла, но ничем не сумела помочь ему, - печальным тоном продолжала Наи. - Просто не знаю, _что_ делать.