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Moldova Pr. Cercetător gr. Revoluţiei nr. After the Great Union was achieved on 1 Decemberin which Arad had a decisive role, the organization of Romanian education in Transylvania was the first act of justice made in favour of Romanians. The ideas of Vasile Goldiş regarding the organization of Romanian education were brought to life through his entire activity as a Member of Parliament and teacher in schools from Caransebeş, Braşov and Arad.

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As it is known, in the yearswhen Vasile Goldiş was a deputy in the Parliament of Budapest, he requested the founding of a Romanian University in Transylvania, with the residence in Arad which would be effected inin Clujand, throughout his entire life as a teacher, author of textbooks, eparchial secretary, brilliant orator, highly courageous journalist and militant for the rights of Romanians under foreign occupation, he was a model of high conduct, for both his contemporaries and for subsequent generations.

We should like to cite, in this respect, some of his ideas and chef roble dating assistant with regard to education: A particularly important idea that Vasile Goldiş developed was that according to which education must chef roble dating assistant in close connection to practice, to the needs of the people.

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He laid a great deal of emphasis on the use of didactic material, procuring numerous historical and geographical maps for the schools in which he taught. As an author of textbooks he printed, inthe first edition of the History of Hungary for Lower Secondary Schools. Although this was a translation after Ludovic Mangold, it also comprised chapters referring to Romanians, which did not occur in the original text.

Between andGoldiş published a Universal History for Secondary Schools in three volumes, an original contribution, based on the most recent specialized works in the Europe of those times. In the three textbooks, when approaching universal history, he laid the principles of social determinism on the basis of chef roble dating assistant universal connection thesis, seeking to explain the mechanism of the genesis and development of the social phenomenon.

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Throughout the three volumes, it is worth remarking the constant preoccupation of Vasile Goldiş for the permanent integration of the history of our nation among the major themes of universal history. The clarity of exposition, the sobriety of language and its adjustment to the required level, the clearness and even a tint of easiness in following and understanding the presented topics are only a few of these respects, highlighting the pedagogical qualities of Vasile Goldiş.

Through the organization of information, Vasile Goldiş is an advocate of active education and of the intuitive method. The issue of Romanian education was a constant concern in the parliamentary activity of Vasile Goldiş.

On the occasion of various manifestations, Vasile Goldiş condemned, in his speeches, the repressive, nationalistic — extremist policy of Hungarian leaders. The schooling issue would dominate almost all of his speeches.

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He would show the situation in schools, where Romanian children were forced to learn a series of disciplines in Hungarian, on account of it being the official language of the state. By coming to Arad, Vasile Goldiş began a new stage in his life, that of political struggle for national rights.

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This was carried out in several ways: in the journals of the time, in Parliament, in electoral campaigns, in the congregations of the comitatus, in coordinating the activity of the consistory on a radical line in promoting national Romanian interests. In Arad, Vasile Goldiş performed a rich activity in the field of education.


On the occasion of school inspections, he made a series of observations on chef roble dating assistant quality of education and the level of preparation of future teachers. A particular contribution to the enrichment of content for Romanian education in schools located in the area of Arad was the use of his textbooks, published in the period while he was teaching in Braşov, militating, at the same time, for the creation of an appropriate material basis in schools.

The most important contribution of Vasile Goldiş in the service of Romanian education was achieved not only in the eparchy of Arad, but also in all territories inhabited by Romanians in Austro — Hungary, in the form of the battle for the preservation of school autonomy within the autonomy of the Church.

"У нас, стариков, мысли вечно улетают неизвестно куда, - сказала она .

The parliamentary activity of Vasile Goldiş is remarkable, being dominated by the struggle against the educational laws of Apponyi, which undermined this autonomy. As an author of textbooks, Vasile Goldiş contributed, in the first place, to the expansion of school information in the Romanian language.

The reputation of Vasile Goldiş as an author of textbooks is confirmed by their being used in Transylvanian schools.

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At the same high school in Brad, starting inthe Latin and Syntax textbooks in the 3 rd and 4 th forms of gymnasium were authored by Vasile Goldiş. History, in the 3 rd form of gymnasium, was taught, starting infrom the textbook designed by Vasile Goldiş replacing the textbooks of dr.

In the 4 th form of gymnasium, the History textbook by Mangold — Goldiş was introduced infollowed by the one by Vasile Goldiş in As a professor, Vasile Goldiş sought to form a new, wholesome national conscience for students, in an age when the Romanian people had major national ideals to accomplish.

The activity of Vasile Goldiş in Arad, over the first two decades of the 20 th century, remains in the history of the Romanian people as a page of national struggle in the educational field. In chef roble dating assistant speech delivered at chef roble dating assistant House of Deputies, during the meeting of 27 Junewhen the Law of primary education was debated, Vasile Goldiş had an important contribution to the improvement of the content of this law.

He believed that school should be attractive, that students should go there with pleasure and that the teacher should create an atmosphere of serenity among students. He did not agree with constraints no punishments! Another principle maintained by Vasile Goldiş was that of free education and that the teachers be the soul of a school.

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The purpose of the Law of primary education is to bring light into schools. Little children must learn in the language of their mothers. The faithful sentinel of the civilisation created through that genius, a long row of centuries had the Romanian people the ill-luck of squandering its life energy in stopping the avalanche towards the West and defending the cross as a symbol of a superior conception of life. Your coming among us is a strong encouragement for us. From this day on, we feel that chef roble dating assistant have fully joined the cohort of fighters for light, comrades of the soldiers of justice, combatants of human solidarity.

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After evoking past memories, Vasile Goldiş reminded those present of the duty they had to the present and advised them not to propagate wrath among nations in that shelter of culture, but to seek closeness and to know that their highest duty was to see to it that everyone felt well and content in the Greater Romania.

The cooperation of Vasile Goldiş with high schools is Arad was diversified due to his preoccupations for founding School Committees called upon to replace the old institution of the School Eforia with a form of social cooperation — a much more active community among parents, due to its democratic principles underlying it.

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At the opening ceremony chef roble dating assistant de upper secondaryschool classes inthe Arad politician insisted on the functions of school committees.

Being appointed president of the new school body, Vasile Goldiş was the partner in educative action of Ascaniu Crişan, the headmaster who, in a long activity of distinguished pedagogical equity, was one of the builders of scientific chef roble dating assistant which, little by little, dominated pedagogical life in the high schools of Arad. All of the abovementioned proved a genuine pedagogical talent in capitalizing on the educative potential of exact mathematic-physical sciences.

Vasile Goldiş persevered in the action of developing the functions of the school committee, emphasising the democratic idea underlying the organization of this newly-founded institution.

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He recalled the role of the school committee in strengthening school — local community cooperation and referred to the experience of the English school, where the two factors were in charge of assessing viteză dating riverside ca conditions offered by family and school to young students.

In 8 AprilVasile Goldis was elected president of the new educational institution.

The first bases of the activity of school committees had been laid. They illustrated the idea that the association of those two formative factors involved in any numărul de telefon de plătit dating process — formal educators and parents — would be fruitful for the Arad community. The public enthusiasm manifested in the field was crowned by a convincing ministerial decision. The collaboration relations of Vasile Goldiş with teachers from Arad stood at the basis of constructive actions that he initiated along with their representatives, referring to the reorganization of education in Arad after the Union.

In the cultural and political conception of the president of ASTRA, Arad was a symbol — city because, in this city inhabited by sensible people, who sustained the circulation chef roble dating assistant ideas after the Memorandum, opened European horizons and facilitated the affirmation of Arad as a political centre of Romania in the hard times of restrictions of freedom which the city on Mureş had to face during the years of dualism.

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In this symbol — centre, the great decisions of the Union were made, asserting the symbolic value of the city as a political centre were the great project of struggle for the Great Union were forged. Vasile Goldiş requested that the city remain in the life of future generations as a symbol — city, through chef roble dating assistant existence of the great cultural projects generated by the idea of Union. These ideas, disseminated among the Romanian public and teachers around constituted the spiritual scaffolding of the public mindset of Arad.

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Through the diversity of cultural — pedagogical initiatives and through his ideas of ennobling peasantry in schools and cultural institutions, Vasile Goldiş was close to the vision of Spiru Haret on the extracurricular work of the teacher. Vasile Goldiş was a true coordinator of Romanian education in the eparchy of Arad, which he led towards the Great Union.

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This unity builds the future, but this will only be possible when its roots are deeply grounded into the history of history of faded times.

Let our eyes aim for the future, and our hearts receive all the legacy of sufferings of our century-old ancestors. Chiş, Petru, Vasile Goldiş. Goldiş, Vasile, Scrieri social — politice şi literare. EdiŃie îngrijită şi studiu introductiv, tabel cronologic şi bibliografie de Mircea Popa şi Gheorghe Şora, cu un Cuvânt înainte de acad. Ştefan Pascu, Editura Facla, Timişoara, Lupaş, I.