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National Museum of History of Moldova Exhibit of the Month This is a challenge cup, which used to be awarded to the winners in sports competitions between the teams-members of the Dynamo Voluntary Sports Society, organized by the City Committee responsible for physical culture and sports in Chișinău.

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The voluntary sports organizations DSO: Dobrovol'noe sportivnoe obshhestvo were created in the mids of the twentieth century in the Soviet Union and over the years had spread in the socialist states. They brought together groups of amateur athletes from district, regional and republican enterprises and educational institutions based on the territorial principle.

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They were engaged in the education of the young generation in the field of physical culture, sports and tourism in order to solve the problems of the development of mass physical culture. The winners used to be awarded with diplomas, badges, sports medals of various categories and a multitude of sports cups.

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The sports cup presented in this exhibition has the shape of a decorative vase and consists of three parts. The upper part, cylindrical in shape, consists of ten openwork components, the decor of which represents vines with bunches of grapes; it is topped with a juno dating lid.

The upper part is missing an element, usually a sculpture, symbolizing the field of athletics corresponding to the competition.

Juno dating central part is nu luați prea serios like a lidded bowl with richly ornamented handles. The third part, which is the foot of the cup, has a band decorated in relief with stylized flowers and fruits with niello.

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