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    A land of great Battles: Hannibal and the Imperial Rome Ne warrior dating scuze, documentul solicitat nu este disponibil în limba Dvs. Sometimes extraordinary events can make a little site a place destined to remain impressed in the collective memory. This is the case of the little hill of Canne in the area of Barletta that took the name of Canne della Battaglia after the struggle between the Romans and the Carthaginias B.

    Cled by the mythical hero Hannibal. Canne, the natural theathre of this bloody battle, overlooks the whole horizonas far as the Gargano.

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    Its Antiquary contains findings from civilisations ranging from the 6th millennium B. C to the 13th century. According to the legend this homeric hero founded Canosa.

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    The artistic heritage warrior dating this city consists in aristocratic Hypogea, extraordinary ceramic findings dating back to the Daunians, Roman ruins, mosaics and Basilicas. Before getting again on our train we do not have to miss the archaeological area of San Pietro, uncovered after excavations lasted 5 years.

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    Tomba Varrese is also very important. Its funeral equipment consisting in polychromic pots, golden pottery, alabaster artifacts and a magnificent anatomically designed bronze cuirass, is preserved in the 19th-century Sinisi Palace.

    Leaving Warrior dating our journey continues through a landscape of olive trees and warrior dating down to the Murgian step on which the picturesque Minervino stands.

    In this place where every stone can be considered a monument and the air is fragrant with the scent of the pastures the traveller can stop off in one of the many trattorie and then leave again in the direction of Spinazzola. One of the richest and most precious section of this museum boasts the funeral equipment of a daunian warrior dating back to the end of the 4th cent. This city was founded in the 3rd cent.

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    According to the history Manfredithe son of Frederick II went to Spinazzola in order to present Helen of Epirus with the wedding dress.