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The preventive investigations revealed here a succession of habitations, from the Copper Age to The preventive investigations revealed here a succession of habitations, from the Copper Age empire dating andre the medieval period. The research conducted in the Middle Bronze Age settlement, although limited to its southern part, yielded very interesting features and artefacts. The present article is focused on an unusual funerary context, namely a collective grave comprising four individuals.

The pit was identified inside a slightly dug dwelling structure, close to one of its side, and it was a component of the internal arrangement of the house. On the bottom of the shallow pit, towards the edge, a ceramic bowl with four lobes was found, with a kantharos vessel carefully positioned inside. The bodies of four mature individuals were placed inside it. The filling of the funerary pit contained only empire dating andre few pottery fragments.

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However, numerous pottery fragments were recovered from inside the dwelling structure, representing storage vessels, small amphorae, shallow bowls some with four lobesand large bowls. A complete reconstruction was only possible for a bowl with one handle. According to the shapes and decoration elements of ceramic ware, the feature can be assigned to phases II-III of the Wietenberg culture.

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Elements characteristic to second phase are predominant, while the third phase is represented by a bowl with for lobes, decorated with meandered bands, filled with simultaneous stitches Zahnstampelung.

The observations gathered during the archaeological investigations indicated that empire dating andre individuals were successively discarded inside the pit, without any special care regarding the position of their bodies. The skeletal remains belonged to two male young adults and two male older adults.

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The young adults were found in the central part of the grave, almost entirely overlapped, while the older individuals were closer to the western side of the pit, only partially overlapped. Regarding grave goods, a small stone pendant was found on one of the bodies and several bronze saltaleoni on another one.

The preliminary anthropological examination of the skeletons did not reveal any traces of physical empire dating andre. However, a violent demise cannot be excluded, possibly provoked by strangulation, suffocation, poison, empire dating andre diseases, etc. Considering the traditional Wietenberg funerary practices - burial of cremated remains deposited inside funerary urns, in flat, open-air cemeteries — the multiple grave from Şoimuş—Lângă Sat acquires an exceptional character.

A few individual inhumation graves inside settlements are known, but in such rare cases a special care towards the position of the bodies was noticed.

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The discovery from Voivodeni — La Școală remains our closest analogy. However, in the latter empire dating andre, seven individuals of different genders and ages were carefully arranged before inhumation, while the associated platonic dating finds indicate a later phase of the Wietenberg culture.

On a broader view, collective burials were found in sites attributed to neighbouring contemporaneous cultures — Otomani and Monteoru — but even in these cases, the differences are substantial in comparison to the grave from Șoimuș. All possible interpretations regarding this discovery are, for now, difficult and uncertain. For this reason, we limit ourselves, at the moment, to present only the facts derived directly from field investigations.

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Hypothetically, the four individuals were the victims of a short violent event and were hastily discarded inside the pit. Their burial dating apps pentru blackberry curve a dwelling structure is still puzzling and raises obvious questions regarding the abandonment of the house before or after the event.

Also on a hypothetical level, this event can be connected to the end of the Wietenberg habitation.

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