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    Posted 26 July - Cred ca ai directie electrica - "Servotronic", volanul se simte mai moale pe autostrada tocmai pentru ca asa a fost conceputa Iata explicatia oficiala BMW fata de clasica power steering: "The Servotronic control unit adjusts the amount of steering assistance to suit the speed of the vehicle.

    An electromagnetic valve accurately controls the amount of force applied by the viteza de lucru dating vorbereitung hydraulics, enabling outstandingly precise steering that suits your current driving situation.

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    Conventional power steering systems, by contrast, regulate the power steering in relation to the engine's RPM. The electromechanical steering system EPS uses an electric motor to achieve the same effect. Thanks to Servotronic, driving along narrow streets or parking becomes easier as it requires minimum effort to turn the steering wheel. The power assist progressively decreases when the vehicle speeds up, ensuring greater stability, improved precision and smoother vehicle behaviour.

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    Lines channel the hydraulic fluid to a steering cylinder, where a control valve regulates the pressure in proportion to the movement of the steering wheel. The cylinder is connected to the steering shaft, and the hydraulic pressure is transformed into steering force applied to the rack.

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    Every movement of the steering wheel is noticeably lighter and easier than with unassisted steering as the system turns the front wheels in the desired direction. The steering wheel requires considerably less effort to turn, even when the vehicle is not moving. The influence of power steering is greatest at lower speeds, and reduces gradually as speed increases.

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