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    Francis de Paola Raveline Archaeological Project. Raveline St. If municipium Aurelium Apulense is outside a leuga 2. Diaconescu, I. Piso, The stratigraphy of St. Francis de Paola raveline is characterized by the presence of several levels of habitation and planning.

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    The oldest archaeological materials are from early Bronze Age period. Last phase urban dating wall Roman habitation is superimposed and partially affected by an early medieval level Xth-XIIth.

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    Current form and specific arrangements of the raveline date from the eighteenth century, when the Vauban fortification was built along with its specific elements. Francis de Paola Raveline the St. Francis de Paola site after campaign.

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    The first campaign of systematic archaeological research at this point began in autumn and continued inby investigating the NNW side of the raveline. Technical organization of the excavation was reported to the final objectives of the research, namely urban dating wall restoration and preservation in situ of the remains. The main archaeological complex is a Roman building whose walls have been discovered at It was discovered the SSV side of the building and several rooms.

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    The central room is larger and the brick foundations of two rectangular pillars 0. Walls are partial elevations and were affected in some places by the destruction of the Roman period or medieval and modern pits.

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    Their construction technique is opus mixtum, with bounding courses of limestone blocks and green sandstone followed by bricks. One of the walls retains traces of painted polychrome plaster.