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Educational models approached by interactive pedagogy. Psychological theories sustaining interactive training.

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Cognitive theory Constructivist theory12 I. Basic ideas in constructivist theory Cognitive constructivism Social constructivism. Recent developments in constructivism 18 I. Interactive teaching and learning. Modern approaches in teaching. Teaching strategies 25 I. Styles of teaching. Interactive teaching Theories in learning.

Learning focused on student. Interactive learning an adequate teaching-learning strategy Interactive learning models Conceptual approaches. Interactive didactic strategies 49 II. Problem solving training strategies Psycho-pedagogical delimitations.

The concept of problem-situation 54 II. Terminology definition.

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Types of problematic situations. Ways of dating online efl a problem-situation dating online efl II. Instructional design of problem solving The strategy of teaching by discovery. Pedagogical values of teaching by discovery 64 II. Didactic peculiarities of discovery 66 II.

Types of didactic discoveries 69 II. Stages of learning by discovery. Forms of organizing didactic activities 73 III. Educational alternatives. The lesson as a fundamental didactic unit in teaching 77 III.

Curriculum in primary schools. Curriculum as a concept Curricular cycles Curricular products in primary schools 83 III. Frame planning in primary schools Types of CDS in primary schools. School syllabus in primary education 89 III. School handbooks 94 III. Auxiliary curricular products Varieties of lessons 99 IV.

Planning didactic activities The role and importance of dating psa supports Capitalizing interactive valences of curricular products. Using interactive methods in primary schools.

Gabriel MOISA Full Text Available Dezvoltarea cinematografiei şi a televiziunii într-un moment în care întraga viaţa socială era extrem de controlată transformă inclusiv filmul istoric într-o sursă documentară, chiar dacă deseori discutabilă în ceea ce privește prezentarea adevărului.

Methods used in teaching mathematics IV. Methods used in teaching sciences Correlation of interactive methods with variables of education. Capitalizing interactive valences of curricular products.

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Importance of evaluation instruments. Conceptual and methodological foundations of research V. Theoretical premises of research. Aims and objectives of research. Hypothesis of the research.

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Samples participants and content Dating online efl. Details concerning the sample of teachers. Details concerning the sample of students V. Sample of content. Pre-test stage VI.

Results of pre-testing in mathematics. Results of pre-testing in sciences VI. Unfolding of formative experiment. Didactic activities during the formative experiment VI. Teaching-learning activities for mathematics. Teaching-learning activities for mathematics, grade IV VI.

Teaching-learning activities for sciences. Teaching-learning activities for sciences, grade III. Teaching-learning activities for sciences, grade IV. Presentation and qualitative analysis of learning situations.

Details about learning activities for mathematics Details about learning activities for sciences. Dynamics of students school performances during intervention VI. Performance standards, descriptors and indicators. Evolution of school performance. Analysis of performance tendencies in mathematics.

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Analysis of performance tendencies in sciences VI. Analysis of results in the dating online efl stage VI. Comparative analysis of posttest-pretest for mathematics. Dating giraffe analysis of posttest-pretest for sciences.

Analysis and interpretation of re-testing. Intergroup qualitative and quantitative comparative analyses resulting in pairs of dating online efl Analysis of degrees of associations between the scores of samples in mathematics and sciences. Intergroup qualitative and quantitative analyses for control and experimental samples, taking into account recorded averages in each competence, between pretesting and retesting and between post-testing and retesting longitudinal analysis VI.

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of existing relations between the Students school performance in the experiment and the influential Psychological factors for each learning activity.

Introduction Dynamics of instructive processes determine the permanent development of concepts in the ways they actually happen. Theoretical and practical approaches in training phenomena, due to their complexity, would comprise a large scale of perspectives through which they may be analyzed.

Educational politics today are more and more oriented towards a pedagogy which expects the student to be directly involved in learning.

This kind of pedagogy which is situating the student right in the middle of its preoccupations is an active and interactive pedagogy urging those who try to learn dating online efl discover the new elements.

The perspective of the research will be both diachronic and synchronic, attempting to clarify dating online efl regarding the use of SCs in the 16th and the 17th centuries, their frequency, and variability. Key-words: language change, grammaticalization, sentence connectors, Old Romanian language. Introduction Many linguistic changes identified in present-day Romanian language have clear and traceable origins in the past, because, rather than seeing language as a closed, self-contained system, language is interpreted as a dynamic entity which is constantly shaped by its users Hoffmann 2. This explains somehow the increased interest of Romanian linguists for the first attested stages of language formation in their attempt to answer all sorts of linguistic questions. The grammaticalization of sentence connectors not ignore the complex mechanisms implied by the transformation of the relative adverbs into subordinators4.

Experimenting the pedagogical strategies, inspired by the interaction and constructivist approaches concerning knowledge, is focusing on the students personal construction of knowledge. Permissiveness of interactive pedagogy is facilitating actions focused around the students individual activities by which they acquire basic skills and develop their competences.

Despite emphatic claims concerning the end of massmedia, empirical research on the way in which this transition is actually taking place is somehow lacking,especially for what concerns European countries. This paper presents the results of a research performedduring the course of and on the media diet of university students in Italy.

Solving of actual problems in everyday life, regardless of their complexity, involves appealing to knowledge, to skills and competences that may not be delimitated within only one single subject or another.

This aspect is enabling us to approach this question, advanced for research, from the perspectives of the curricular area of Mathematics and Sciences.

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Therefore this study conceived as a doctoral dissertation entitled Interactive teaching and learning in primary schools. Applications in the curricular area of Mathematics and Sciences is analyzing in detail the significant aspects, specific for interactive teaching and learning, from the perspective of improving school performances in primary schools. Our intention is to obtain results ensuring the interface between the recent theory of interactive instruction and educational practices targeting the development of interactive strategies, a practice still situated on a quite modest level in our country.

Interactive Teaching and Learning in Primary School

Scientific undertaking in this respect is following the tendencies of developments dating online efl didactics during the last decades. The interest shown in the field by researchers, along this period of time, concerning activating strategies and participation has been determinant in delineation of a complex register of conceptual approaches in interactive instruction. Therefore we shall analyze some of these dating online efl, relevant for our research, stressing the involvement of connected concepts, aiming at a more clear understanding of the interactive teaching-learning phenomenon.

Approaching didactic methodology, as a main factor sustaining al types of instructive-educative types of activities, is stressing the importance of the quality of all didactic strategies contributing to the increase of schooling performances. Following the insight into the literature of the instructive phenomenon, we may say that didactic methods lay at the basis of optimizing any didactic undertaking. In connection with this we have delimitated two fundamental methods, problem solving and learning by discovery, according to the literature, taken into account here as being significant for an interactive approach of the teaching-learning process.

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From the perspectives of valorizing the interactive potential of the two methods, we hereby do approach other methods, techniques and didactic procedures as well. Streamlining interactive didactic strategies may not be accomplished without an adequate adaptation to the actual learning activities.

Correlating the strategies with factors detaining an important role in any didactic undertaking constitutes a necessity dating online efl may not be neglected. In this respect we have identified and described several of dating online efl, here considered to be relevant for optimizing 5 the teaching-learning process.

Planning of didactic activities, forms of organizing such activities, their informational support, the curricular products are elements envisaged, analyzed and aimed at highlighting their influence in the didactic acts. Investigations initiated have found and developed aspects mainly from dating online efl didactic perspective, in the sense of identifying several landmarks dating online efl the possibilities of increasing learning performances in mathematics and sciences by students of primary school level.

Taking the steps aiming at developing and implementing of models of didactic activities, starting from a pedagogical approach of interactive training strategies have the role of helping students to improve their learning efforts in a more consistent way. In order to achieve an essay based on a consistent and coherent structure we organized the material in two parts.

The first part would deal with theoretical substantiation, and in the second part our experimental trial is presented.

Each part would contain several chapters in which we tried to verify an established assumption and consequently enounce the relevant information in dating online efl pragmatic and logical approach. In addition to these, the Conclusion has the role of synthesizing the main theoretical and practical directions identified, while the annexes and the bibliography represent the proof of the accomplished introspection.

The first part entitled Theoretical Foundation, contains four distinct chapters which present several fundamental theoretical landmarks in order to understand interactive teaching-learning problems, by explaining specific special terminology, intercepting several models developed to sustain interactive training.

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In this context we have considered as being advisable to mark several specific components of instruction at the primary level. The second part contains the Experimental Undertaking dating online efl is made dating online efl of two chapters that describe the stages of the experimental undertaking envisaged to validate the established assumption.

In Chapter I, entitled Theoretical landmarks concerning interactive instruction we have described several representative models, advanced by interactive pedagogy, as well as psychological theories that sustain interactive instruction. Approaching the educational models advanced by interactive pedagogy has been made from two perspectives: 1. The perspective of reconsidering the status of elements within the pedagogical triangle.

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Knowledge is looked at in terms of support and pretext in building up and developing of new acquisitions by the students themselves. The teacher has the role of organizing learning situations, imagined as pretexts for instauration of interactions and dynamic relations between the student and the content of learning Bocos, M.

The perspective of the opportunity of analysis and reformation of the nature and contents of learning experiences, of the teacher-student, teacher-teacher, student-student relations, as well as the necessary connections between the school, education and real life experiences.