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    It is a particularly important site in natural and environmental terms for wwf dating Emilia-Romagna region. The church is mentioned in documents dating as far back as The oratory still remains from the original building, and under its foundations lies a medieval crypt of great historical and archaeological value.

    The parish church, which wwf dating been owned by the University of Bologna for several decades now, has been gradually abandoned over recent years.

    As a result, the building has been allowed to continue to deteriorate and now, because of a large structural crack in the façade, it is at risk of imminent collapse; this has been prevented from happening thus far only by props provided by wwf dating Monuments and Fine Arts Office.

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    The local wwf dating have been unable to purchase the building due to a lack of funds, so the church remains the property of the University of Bologna, which would like to sell it to private owners, thus putting the church at risk of being converted into tourist or residential accommodation because of its special location. The action taken to date by the organisations responsible for managing the site has clearly failed to halt the process of deterioration.

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    In a document published in Februarythe World Wide Fund for Nature WWF stated that parks wwf dating wwf dating reserves play a wwf dating role, both in themselves and in terms of everything that helps make them part of the cultural heritage of our landscapes, in preserving the environment and culture, and that they provide important services to many people.

    Furthermore, on 28 FebruaryEmilia-Romagna Regional Council adopted Resolution No seeking to ensure the conservation of the parish church by a combination of public and private bodies, in view of not just its environmental significance, but also its wwf dating and public importance. Given the above and with reference to Article 3 3 of the Treaty on European Union, can the Commission say whether: — it is aware of the above situation; — the authorities responsible have already applied for EU funding and if not, which funds and programmes would be available for the protection of the Pieve di Pastino church?

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